Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ende und Anfang

My very rusty German spells out 'the end and the start' as my 2011 closes in Berlin. It has been a wild and different year for myself as i am sure it has been for everyone else - what does next year hold? (normality, stability, structure and sensibility?) i certainly hope not, but have a feeling it may. However for everyone and myself included tonight looms (or has finished) and so do heartwamers/heartbreakers, inebriated  success'/sober regrets and pure ecstasy/the pits.

So as for 2011 it was a conquering and ruining year for bass heavy music as dubstep gods were seen for their true 'brosteppin' talent, whilst for disco and funk it still is growing and missing that edge of acclaim. Ozzies can lift their head high with Cut Copy being nominated for a grammy whilst some fresh and revived talent rocked it at home... many building the already solid scene we have a reaching new heights as far a festivals and gigs!!

Speaking of the top releases in the eyes of drunkfunk here are our top ten albums of 2011...

10. Audio, Video, Disco - Justice
Although the much anticipated album did not fulfil the acclaim and was the target of many criticism's it still remains to be an awesome album that it is diverse amongst vast festival fields or simple bedroom banging (just a little below Justice's super high standard).

9. Living on the Edge of Time - Yuksek
A big change of pace for Yuksek who was previously known for some great dancefloor anthems and has now proved he too has the power of electro pop as he has released an 'on the road' themed gem.

8. In the Grace of Your Love - The Rapture
The multi-talented and genre cross dressing group have put out another great album which will see them give it a work out on the road with trips to Australia already announced and a huge tour schedule across America and Europe - one packed with variety and some pure funk!

7. Total - SebatiAn
The Ed Banger wizzkid dropped his massive first full length release which embraces his thrash heavy and gritty early style with some added rhythm's and hooks that gives his new sound some depth far above his years - the title track Embody is the absolute antithesis of this!

6. The English Riviera - Metronomy
A summer-breezy release that has got a big European workout even though it peaked in the cold winter. This English group keep on growing and getting better with their bass slapping, synth-heavy release also getting a very big and superb remix workout.

5. Pala - Friendly Fires
Although unlike the others it is only an LP - it is a fun packed, full paced release that channels some deep house piano riffs and sees the British trio experiment even further with more sampling in their unique style of electro-pop... this one is sure to build their fan base above the majorly teeny-bopper crowd as it casts some new wise production quality into their groovy sound.

4. Making Mirrors - Gotye
Deserving of many more awards in Australia, every Boy and his Bear is a fan of the massively successful title track 'Somebody That I Used to Know', however this album has much more depth then that and is probably the most versatile i have heard this year. Skipping across genre's and using an array of different instruments the efforts and influences that went into this Belgian born Aussie boy's release. This video shows just that level and creativity which has given birth to one of the best Australian albums to date - and a sure Hottest 100 winner.

A premier release which has answered the call and saved dubstep from internal 'brostep' destruction. The man who DJs behind a tribal mask uses various influences in his post-dubstep thriller of an album and has rapidly built a huge following all around the world. Some smooth vocal appearances on the record put together this years best debut album!

2. Zonoscope - Cut Copy
The grammy nominated indie release is a superb follow up to their hugely successful 'In Ghost Colours'. Cut Copy fly the Australian flag high and lead in the way of homegrown talent. This album although not being as popular in oz as overseas has lifted the trio to all new levels, playing Coachella, being announced in the Virgin Concerts from a peoples vote and of course winning many awards and stealing many hearts with their intimate live show.

1. Hurry Up, Were Dreaming - M83
This album is best described through a full listening, start to end. Containing a lot more then the french touch, M83 takes you on a journey through dreamy synth pop to some ambient electro sounds. Due for a trip to oz with SBTRKT for the Laneway Festival, his sideshow is looking like it will be one of the hottest tickets on the 2012 calendar. The rest is best left heard, not talked about - grow yourselves some ears mutants and get this one inside of you!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mr Jack Union

As the winter bite of Britain’s weather sinks its teeth further in some warming and relaxing tunes have surfaced for consumption with the standard tea & scones diet. Chad Valley has created some more soothing tunes to tantalate the ears of many. Away from his solo moniker Hugo Manuel has also released an EP with his collective band formation Trophy Wife, called 'Bruxism' – who are getting some very big reviews and props all through the industry. Trophy Wife are ones to watch in 2012 as the potential they show has enough vigour to have brought big hitter James Yuill on to produce many of their tracks. In a review of their EP BBC noted that their sound has "the irrational twitch of Talking Heads and the propulsive pulse of New Order". The overall versatility of Trophy Wife and Chad Valleys tracks mean it can be well absorbed for the melancholy mood of European winter or the dreamy bliss of summer Down Under. You may not find yourself grinding away to 'Bruxism' as the title actually infers, but rather ecstatically and safely enjoying some quality tunes with your pearly whites.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


As the grunge and grime of Budapest's nightlife looms, the fitting glitchy and thrashy tunes of funkadelic frenchman Surkin seem very fitting. With his much anticipated second album 'USA' just released from his own label (founded with Para One & Bombo) 'Marble Records' - it currently under the iTune and Blogosphere gang-rape. 'USA' is full of great collaborations and an excellent range between his original take on slamming electro and the more club/radio worthy tunes; made listenable to the fainthearted by some soothing vocals and samples. All in all Benoit Heitz has pulled out the goods on this one - and just in time for an ozzie summer df slamming!!

P.S. Get your music-scene supporting slacks on and make a purchase you will not be disappointed. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

junior gems

New Beginnings and new experiences have been rampant for me in the last few months – and within this new music, discoveries and some fresh beats have been invading my eardrums of late. Of these none are more impressive then the young talent which is starting to emerge on the scene. It is scary for me as a DJ and very amateur producer to hear such tunes popping out of these kids, but overall very exciting for the music scene!

One who is more widely known and shall be a prevalent industry name after his upcoming shows (I Love Techno in Belgium for me – and Stereosonic for those in OZ) is Madeon. Still not legally able to smash a beer, he has instead turned his focus to smashing out poppy, feel-good electro and one helluva crazy Mashup that you can catch him live sampling here and download below… prepare to feel outdated.

Of equally impressive production quality and youth is the new member of Boys Noize Records; SCNTST. With only a year of DIY Ableton jamming under his belt, this kid is jamming out some modern tech-house tracks which would hold there own in any Berlin nightclub at 5am. Unfortunately it is said on signing that he “has only been to a club once underage and hated it”, so I guess he has a bit to get used to and probably a few years before he will hit ozzie shores.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The constantly evasive ‘check-in’ with the world left behind in Sydney today reminded me to update upon my trip. For those to whom I have become a bit of a Jason Bourne in Europe – my current whereabouts lies between Turkey and Bulgaria. I have been here so far for 67 days, I have stayed under 31 different roofs, caught 23 regional trains, crossed around 14 borders – and amongst all of this only vomited once! I have written a travel journal which contains some absolute gold and other stories that shall be taken with me to Davie Jones Locker… however I thought that a good way to sum up my trip to offer a song which is has a lot of meaning towards each countries I have been in.











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